Mixology 101 – Bartender of the Week

The deck at Lighthouse Pointe Restaurant has a reputation for the lively characters and performers who have long made it the premiere location for casual and unique waterfront entertainment. In fact, the term “Deckertainment” was coined to specifically reference these personalities. The backbone of this “Deckertainment” is the team of deck bartenders who keep patrons’ thirst quenched and the laughs coming. This week’s bartender of the week is actually this entire bartending team.

Judy has been serving up cold beers on Lighthouse Pointe’s deck for twenty years now and shows no signs of stopping. She insists that the deck team loves their customers. Judy’s drink of choice? “Coors light!” she exclaims as she pulls out a can of the beer that she plans to enjoy at the end of her shift. Jimmy “Hollywood” Stewart has graced the deck with his “Hollywood” personality for seven years now. He spends the colder months in Florida but is excited to be back at Lighthouse Pointe for his five month jaunt at the Jersey shore. What makes the deck the best? Jimmy “Hollywood” insists that the “gorgeous, million dollar view” and their “smokin’ bar” make it the place to be. Jimmy’s favorite brew is Miller Lite. Lindsey Anderson has been working at Lighthouse Pointe for two years now. When asked if she could state a fun fact about herself and her deck co-workers, Lindsey stated that they are “too fun for just one fun fact”. And after a few minutes of talking with them and experiencing their dynamic, this columnist agrees. Lindsey’s favorite drink? Bud Light. Between these three animated bartenders, the light beers are equally represented. Judy, Jimmy “Hollywood”, and Lindsey express how much they love working at Lighthouse Pointe for owner Joe Spuhler. “He’s the best,” they agree. Be sure to stop by when the deck is in full swing. Say hello and check out their unique system for anchoring money on a windy night. The bartenders have their very own collection of several rocks, each with its own funny message, that anchor dollar bills and give patrons a laugh. “Judy Rocks”, “Rock on!”, and “Why are you here?” are just a few of our favorites among the many rock messages.

By Megan Kummer