Mixology 101 – Bartender of the Week

Burt of Bobby Dee’s Rock‘n Chair has been bartending for a grand total of twenty years. But he didn’t bring his skills and sharp sense of humor to Bobby Dee’s until about six years ago. And Cape May County couldn’t be any happier that he did.

Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Burt retired from his career at General Motors and relocated to his Jersey Shore home on First Avenue in Avalon. “Now, I’m just here for kicks and giggles,” Burt assures me. “And to stay out of the boss’s hair,” he adds. While getting his Bobby Dee’s “kicks and giggles”, Burt most enjoys meeting the customers. “The customers are my favorite part of the job.” When the holidays roll around, Burt’s beloved customers are in luck. “I wear all my costumes for the holidays,” he explains. Burt dresses the part as Santa Claus at Christmas and “a pilgrim or an Indian for Thanksgiving”, depending on the year. On Halloween, the year’s biggest costume holiday, Burt keeps it simple and sports his clown suit. “Well it’s not too much of a change. The boys here say I’m always a clown anyway,” Burt informs me.

When asked for some drink counsel, Burt recommends a Sea Breeze to complement the relaxed vibe of Bobby Dee’s Rock ‘N Chair. But personally, Burt prefers a glass of Johnny Red on rocks. Loyal patrons describe Burt as “a character”. He “works the bar”, they assure me, ensuring that each Bobby Dee’s visitor gets a dose of his hilarious service.

If Burt could add one final statement to his bartender profile, what would it be? “The bar is closed,” he states firmly. “I always tell them the bar is closed, but they still come in and sit down,” jokes Burt.

By Megan Kummer