Mixology 101 – Bartender of the Week

Bartender Brian has been tending to thirsty patrons’ drink needs at Wildwood’s Blue Water Grille since its inaugural season nine years ago. Today, not much has changed about the relaxed yet refined ambiance of the Bolero Resort’s Grille and its awesome drink specials. And Brian can still be found expertly shaking, mixing, blending, and pouring behind the central bar. Originally from North New Jersey, Brian has been summering in the Wildwoods for over twenty years. Each and every season he returns to his station at Blue Water, looking forward to be a member of this pleasant staff. “I really enjoy the staff. The owners are very good people.” The part of the job he most relishes? Customer interaction. “I love to get to know the customers as they return year after year,” states Brian.

When asked for professional drink guidance, Brian quickly and confidently recommends a “Rum Runner”. This shaken blend of rum, blackberry brandy, banana liqueur, grenadine, orange juice, and pineapple juice is then topped with a dark rum “floater”, Brian explains. Brian’s personal drink of choice, however, is the “Golden Margarita”. Shaken with premium Jose Cuervo rather than standard tequila and Grand Marnier in place of the typical triple sec, the Golden Margarita remains Brian’s favorite twist on Mexico’s classic cocktail.

When off the clock, Brian enjoys taking his boat out on the water and appreciating Wildwood from the sea. As the summer winds down, Brian prepares to return to his offseason occupation as a teacher in his Northern Jersey hometown. One fun fact that loyal Blue Water and Brian fans may not know about this bartender? While he loves boating and his summers at the Jersey Shore, Brian is also an avid fan of winter sports. He skis often in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Come meet Blue Water bartender Brian, “have a good time and enjoy the atmosphere!” he exclaims.

By Megan Kummer