Mixology 101 – Bartender of the Week

The Country Club Tavern of Cape May Court House has remained a favorite neighborhood watering hole of locals and passers-by since its 1988 establishment. The Tavern’s casual, family-friendly vibe in its saloon-style atmosphere transports diners and drinkers to a simpler Wild West time. As I entered CCT, I was greeted by the cowboy hats, worn cowboy boots, and belt buckles adorning the restaurant’s walls and hanging from the ceiling above the sprawling bar. I was there in search of Domo, a legendary bubbly bartender that CCT owner Russ had personally recommended I meet. I scanned the faces of the staff and was struck by a particularly big smile. When I asked to speak to Domo, my suspicions were confirmed. This smiling, jolly guy immediately introduced himself, walked around the bar, and linked arms with me. With a skip in his step, Domo escorted me to a quiet table. He already had me laughing. Without a doubt, Domo would be crowned this week’s bartender of the week.

Domo has been an awesome player on the Cape May County bartending scene for the past twenty four years. He has kept the laughs coming and the drinks pouring at CCT for the past eleven. His favorite part about working in the unique Country Club Tavern atmosphere? “Definitely the customers. There’s everyone from daily regulars to once-a-weekers, but seeing them makes the job really fun and pleasant.” For the indecisive Tavern drinker, Domo recommends his world-famous margarita. But his drink of choice is a cold Michelob Ultra or shots of Ginger Brandy. Known around the Tavern as the “hugging bartender”, Domo admits that he really does “like to hug everybody”. What makes Domo extra special in a sea of local bartenders? “I always try to stay upbeat. I try to be a friend for my customers.” When he’s not on the clock and cheering up CCT patrons, Domo enjoys “watching my Phillies play, especially when they’re winning,” he jokes. In his down time, Domo loves listening to some Bruce Springsteen to unwind.

Stop by Country Club Tavern and say hello to this jolly, jokester bartender who promises to have you laughing with a drink in your hand in just minutes. He certainly did the trick for me.

By Megan Kummer