Meet Four Cape May County Couples

Kristina DiGiacomo and Chris Branigan  

From Kristina DiGiacomo: My fiancé Chris and I got engaged on September 25th on the beautiful beaches of Cape May. I started my day off thinking we were helping a friend with a photoshoot for Cape Resorts for their upcoming “Fall Packages”. I was told we would be taking some pictures by the lighthouse and around Cape May. We met my friend on the beach and started taking pictures until I saw Chris down on one knee!! After I said yes, we took some more pictures and then headed over to Harry’s where Chris told me our parents would be to get drinks and dinner. When I walked up the stairs to the rooftop, I was surprised by 60 of my closest family and friends! I was so surprised my jaw fell to the floor. I couldn’t believe all these people had kept this day a secret to surprise me. I was so thankful, it was the best day ever! 

Timothy Granick and Hannah Dentino

On Friday, April 16, 2021, Timothy Granick and Hannah Dentino were down in North Wildwood for the weekend to celebrate Tim’s 28th birthday. They had dinner plans at their favorite restaurant in Cape May on Saturday, April 17, but that was clearly just a decoy to make sure Hannah was dressed nicely! 

Instead of getting in the car, Tim and Hannah walked up to the boardwalk. As soon as they approached the famous Wildwood Arch, Tim told her to turn around and read what it said, while he got down on one knee behind her. When she turned around, the rest was history! 

To add to the surprise, Tim hired a photographer to capture this moment, while family and best friends were on a rooftop cheering and filming the entire process. The couple will be getting married on October 15, 2022! 

Marquisha Vito and Dan Caramanico 

From Marquisha Vito: Dan and I met on Bumble during the pandemic. We finally met in person when restrictions were lifted at Keenan’s, NW. We talked for a few hours and ended our night with a walk on the sea wall. We spent the entire summer down the Shore getting to know more about each other, with most of it consisting of long weekends on the beach, sea wall walks at night, and take-out dinners since that’s what most places allowed.

Skip to NYE weekend 2021, we spent the day at Congress Hall with intentions of celebrating his dad’s birthday on 1/2/21. Little did I know that the plan was to go to Duffinetti’s in Wildwood (our fav restaurant) and Dan bring me to the Gazebo on 3rd and JFK (where we would walk to on our night beach walks) to propose. He surprised me with all our family there to celebrate with us!  We decided that a shore wedding would have to happen because that’s where most of our relationship took place.  We chose to get married at Assumption Church in Wildwood Crest and our reception was at The Grand Hotel in Cape May, 12/3/21. So, you can find love at the Jersey Shore! 

Zachary Hearon and Emily Wiel

Zachary Hearon, son of Donald and Lauren Hearon, and Emily Wiel, daughter of Charles Wiel, and Jennifer Macomber were married on May 14th, 2021, at the Lighthouse Church in Cape May Court House. The couple have been together 8 years, meeting as freshman in high school and graduated together in 2017 from Lower Cape May Regional. Together they have been heavily involved in their church serving together teaching Sunday school in the children’s ministry. Currently Emily is working for the Middle Township School District and Zachary works as a mechanic while getting his Mechanical Engineering degree at Rowan University.