Local Lifeguard Competition Finds the Strongest Surf Rescue Team in the Region

America’s Oldest Beach Patrol Hosts Red Bull Surf and Rescue

On Tuesday, July 21 Beach Patrols from Rehoboth, DE to Sandy Hook, NJ will come together for the first ever Red Bull Surf & Rescue Competition in Atlantic City.

Beginning at 6 p.m., spectators can watch 32 teams of four (three men and one woman) compete in a one-night tournament, focusing on the classic disciplines of swimming, prone board paddling and rowing the popular and “unsinkable” Van Duyne Surf Boats built in New Jersey for beach patrols up and down the East Cost.

The event is hosted by Atlantic City Beach Patrol which is one of the first and oldest active beach lifeguarding institutions in the country, approaching their 125th anniversary.

Come watch the best of the best on July 21st at the Atlantic City Beach Patrol Headquarters located at South Carolina Avenue and the Beachfront in Atlantic City.