Lifeguard of the Week

For many generations being a lifeguard was something that came first with the McCarrick’s family, and that tradition continues today. Sean McCarrick is from Delaware County Pennsylvania and he is a student at Temple University studying Business Management. Not only is he intelligent but he is also brave for being a lifeguard and willing to go out every day to save lives. When asked what his most memorable lifeguarding experience was he stated, “Probably would have to be my rookie year catching a little kid in a riptide right off of 18th Street beach”. For him, this was a memorable moment that will live with him forever when he looks back at being a lifeguard.

He has quite the reputation at the North Wildwood Lifeguard Station as being one of the best. In the morning the lifeguards usually work out and get ready for their day. His Chief, Tony Cavalier, assured me, “Sean is a very good lifeguard; he keeps himself in top shape. He is also very smart, he is a student at Temple University and this is his fourth summer working here as a lifeguard with us. His family has been coming to this very beach for over twenty years.”

Sean’s family has a second home in North Wildwood where he comes to stay for the summer every year to work as a lifeguard. He gets to see his family on weekends which he really enjoys. When asked why Sean enjoys being a lifeguard he stated, “I just love it. It’s just the rush of helping people. Helping the public gives me a great feeling.” Growing up, Sean got to see many pictures of his family as lifeguards for generations.

To become a lifeguard, Sean had to take a long course designed to test his skills and knowledge on being a lifeguard. He had to go through many certifications and many hours of studying.

It is always good to know that lifeguards are there to keep you safe and watch out for your children. Sean is very friendly and loves his job very much. You can find him at the 4th Avenue beach six days a week and you can be sure that he will say hello.

By Brittany Cassidy