Lifeguard of the Week

Fourteen year Wildwood Crest Beach Patrol veteran Anthony Troy has “always wanted to do something that involved helping people”. And this charismatic thirty one year old fulfilled this life goal when he joined the patrol at the age of 18. Born in Philadelphia, Anthony has summered in Cape May County for as long as he can remember. “My grandparents had a house in the Villas when I was about four or five years old. Then my dad bought a place in Diamond Beach. Now, we’re just renting,” stated Anthony as he explained his long history with the Wildwoods. He decided to join the beach patrol the summer before his freshman year of college at University of North Carolina – Wilmington. “It just looked like an exciting thing to do.”

Since this inaugural summer, Anthony has no regrets. “I started here in 1999 and I’ve made great friends. That’s what brings me back every year. It’s the friendships and the excitement of it all.” Now a guard of the Crest’s surf beach, Anthony explained, “the hardest part for us is keeping patrons out of the designated surfing area and in the swimming area.” In fact, “just yesterday, my partner and I went out on our boards to rescue a girl who had drifted through the surfing area and began drifting out to sea,” Anthony explained during our interview.

Anthony cites his most memorable experience as a member of the beach patrol as the series of summers during which he “sat” with fellow guard and WCBP Captain Johnson’s son, Matt Johnson. “It was always a fun day with him,” laughed Anthony. Anthony works with kids and teens of a variety of ages during the summer season as one of the senior guards responsible for coordinating and running Wildwood Crest’s Junior Lifeguard program.

After graduating from Temple University with a degree in Special Education, Elementary Education, and Early Childhood Education, Anthony persisted in his quest to “help”. In the offseason, he works as a 6th and 7th grade special education teacher in the Howard County school district in his current hometown of Baltimore. Anthony is also currently in the process of completing his Master’s in administration.

When Anthony (or as fellow guards call him, “Troy”) is off the WCBP clock, you can find him making preparations for his two weddings, coming up this fall. Yes, I said two. Anthony explained that his fiancée is actually Thai so they will be holding two separate ceremonies. “The first is the American ceremony, so I’m just preparing for that, getting all the suits together, trying to get all the groomsmen measured, and getting all the supplies in order.” Anthony takes a break from planning his fall nuptials at his favorite Wildwood hangouts The Crest Tavern and Dogtooth Bar & Grill. He also has big plans to one day make it to Dog Fish Head Brewery, just across the Delaware Bay. “My friends keep telling me how awesome it is there, so I think we’ll all go together some time soon.”

Beyond his teaching professional, lifeguarding, and wedding planning duties, Anthony Troy has quite a unique hobby. “I collect sneakers,” he explained. He is what they may call a “sneakerhead,” he joked. All the newest Nike sneakers, limited edition Air Jordans, and even retro shoes are all fair game in Anthony’s continuing expansion of his sneaker collection.

By Megan Kummer