KONG Returns to the Wildwood Boardwalk

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s KONG- the newest addition to Morey’s Surfside Pier!

On April 30th, KONG was flown over the ‘Rock and Roll’ by crane and put into his home, as the Centerpiece of the Pier. Standing at approximately 20 feet from head to toe and weighing in at 4400 pounds, this is one primate you don’t want to mess with!

Although this ride may be unfamiliar to new visitors of the Wildwoods, those who have patronized Morey’s Piers for years know it as an old friend. In 1972 the original KONG stood in the center of Surfside Pier. The attraction was over 25 feet high and weighed three tons; it even had the capability to be disassembled into nine sections for easy winter storage. After years of aging, in 1980, plans had been made to move the ride to New York for refurbishment. Unfortunately that never came to be as KONG began to disintegrate as he was moved to the flatbed to take him to his temporary home. It was decided that he was beyond repair and the legendary ride was put into early retirement-until now.

After years of planning KONG was has been reintroduced to the Pier. The ride, which boasts wider seats, is for the entire family. “Every single thing (on KONG) is custom including wider seats which enables two teenagers to comfortably ride side by side…It was really designed for kids and a parent,” explains Jack Morey, owner of Morey’s Piers.

Guests who dare to take on KONG will be lifted 26 feet into the air over top of Surfside Pier and will fly in shark themed ride vehicles, reaching a maximum speed of 27 miles per hour.
As well as attractive, the newly designed vehicles allow guests 36 inches and taller to actually steer their plane using a rudder inside for a more customized experience. “No electronics, just good old fashioned ‘play with a TV box’ kind of fun and kids really love it,” stated Morey. The shark vehicles are also equipped with LED lights to illuminate the Wildwood sky at night.

In addition to the new attraction, Morey’s will be opening up a new retail location called, “KONG & Co.” underneath of the ride featuring chocolate covered bananas, coffee, charging stations for phones, KONG souvenirs and other apparel.

Witness KONG in all of his glory at Morey’s Surfside Pier located at 25th Street and Boardwalk in North Wildwood.