John Walter Band Begins Its 24th Season


The John Walter Band, the Community Concert Band of Cape May County, New Jersey, has announced the start of rehearsals on March 3, 2020. In its 24th season, the Band will continue to perform concerts, promote the arts, and build relationships. Last year proved very special for the Band and its members, especially for its Music Excellence program that encourages aspiring artists to practice and perform along with our group. Here young folks are challenged with stimulating song lists and mentored by some of the area’s finest musicians.

According to the Band’s Musical Director, Dr. John Curtis, “We actively recruit students to rehearse and perform in a nurturing environment intended to improve their musicianship beyond what they might gain through school alone. This past season saw eight new instrumentalists become members of the all-volunteer John Walter Band, including Chase Roth, a 6th grader at Sandman Elementary School in Lower Township. As the youngest in our program, Chase joined our alto saxophone section. He, along with the others, helped expand our ranks to over 50 full-time band members.”

The John Walters Band is a family affair.  We are proud to be made up of performers with family ties who enjoy music and entertaining others together as a family.   There is a father-daughter duo, two mother-son and two mother-daughter teams, several married couples, and even a three-generation father-daughter-grandson trio in the ensemble.   

With a common interest in music, traveling together to rehearsals as well as performing seasonal concerts throughout the year, the John Walter Band offers these families and all its members a unique opportunity to reinforce bonds and memories that will endure a lifetime.

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