Island Hopping

By Amanda Sciandra

This week’s Island hopping is filled with beautiful sights, sweet treats, and above all else, traffic. It’s officially that time of year, where the struggle to find a parking spot and waiting for what seems like forever for a table at your favorite restaurant becomes the norm. But with great patience comes the great reward of enjoying everything our county has to offer during the summer. Read along for some fun activities that the whole family can enjoy even on these busiest of days.

Woodland Village in Dennis Township.

We start our day off at Woodland Village in Dennis Township, located on 1943 N Route 9. With over a dozen unique shops to check out, the Woodland Village offers a peaceful shopping experience all year long. The Village looks as though it came straight out of a fairy tale – it’s filled with vibrant flowers and ponds full of fish. While there, we recommend checking out Buddy’s Ice Cream, as they have a wide selection of treats to choose from.
Watch out for turtles as you make your way into Stone Harbor. The speed limit on Stone Harbor Blvd leading into the town used to be a blistering 55, and we’re thankful it was reduced to 35 mph. Speed kills!

96th street in Stone Harbor.

We recommend taking a walk down 96th Street, as it’s pretty much the heart of the town. There, you can find anything you could possibly want in one of its many stores. They even have a movie theater called Harbor Square Theater, with a built-in burger bar restaurant. Enjoy a delicious burger but make sure to save room for popcorn! Since Stone Harbor is pet friendly, there are also many pet amenities like Salty Paws Doggie Ice Cream Parlor, which sells dog friendly ice cream as well as cookies, treats, and toys. If you’re making your way out of Stone Harbor, we’d recommend stopping at Clinton Conover Farms on Stone Harbor Boulevard for some fresh fruit and flowers.

David Douglass Sr. Memorial Park.

Lastly, head down the cape to David Douglass Sr. Memorial Park in North Cape May for a truly great view of the bay. Located next to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal, Douglass Park is a place where childhood memories are made. There you can watch as the ferry comes and goes and wave at the people on board. More often than not, passengers will wave back and cheer – especially if they’re not seasick. You can also walk along the jetty or go fishing off the rocks. Looking out into the water, you can often spot dolphins or other boats passing by. We recommend visiting Douglass Park right before sunset as it’s certainly a place to see. Pack some snacks, as there are picnic tables throughout the park.
And that’s all for Island Hopping this week! If you happen to hit any of these spots this summer, we would love to hear about your experience. Have any events we should cover? Anything you’d like to read about? Email the editor at, and keep reading Do the Shore!