Interview with DJ Denny Oh

Do the Shore recently caught up with one of the shore’s favorite DJ’s, DJ Denny Oh. Find out what he has to say about his own start as an entertainer and advice he has for upcoming DJ’s.

When did you start DJing and what/who were your early influencers?

A local entertainer with enormous talent named Jon Katity first asked me to guest DJ with him at the Ugly Mug in 2012. He graciously stepped aside and let me take the reigns during his “Terrible Tuesday” weekly gig there, and it was a crash course in DJing to say the least. I took that momentum and never looked back. Aside from Jon, I also look up to DJs & Producers like Diplo, Dillon Francis and the rest of the Mad Decent Crew.

What are currently your main challenges?

In a time when electronic dance music and DJing in general is so oversaturated, it’s tough to find a voice in the crowd. I do my best to create sets that personify myself as an individual, while also speaking to the tastes and trends that we all share in 2015. I challenge myself to find that happy medium between playing the hits and also mixing in something that might spark a new musical interest. THAT is what makes my job worthwhile.

Where are you currently DJing and what do you have planned for summer 2015?

I’m super stoked to have a home every Friday night at the Dogtooth Bar & Grill and every Wednesday and Saturday night at Goodnight Irenes. I’m also looking forward to the warmer weather and my tuesday night parties at Cabanas Beach Bar in Cape May. Memorial Day is almost here!

What advice would you give to upcoming DJs?

Take your time and do the research that this craft deserves. Don’t Google the Billboard top 40 and call yourself the next Calvin Harris. Learn your audience, and play to the crowd. In time you will be able to take bigger risks and throw a party your way.Start small, be humble, and work your way up from there.

When you play, is it a planned set?

As an open format DJ, I try to come to a gig with a musical library that spans all genres. No two nights are the same in south Jersey, and the varying crowd definitely keeps me on my toes. Yes, there are several songs that you know are going to be winners, but the rest of the night is based off of the energy that the crowd provides.

Anything else you’d like to share?

DJ Denny Oh’s live mixes can be found on Soundcloud at

You can also follow him on Twitter and on Instagram: @rowdy_inc and email for any and all booking enquiries.