In the Mix with DJ Tony Stef

DJ Tony Stef has been bringing the party to Cape May County hotspots for twenty five years now. Originally from North New Jersey, Tony made the permanent move to Wildwood in 1987 and has since become a powerful musical force.

DJ Tony has played at nearly every bar and club in Cape May County throughout his music career. Carney’s, The Fairview, The Nile, H2O, Hill 16, The Super Box, Shady O’s, Brownie’s By The Bay, and The Ocean Club are just a few of the big name venues that Tony has graced with his killer playlist. He realized his love for the outdoor bar and pool scene at Wildwood hubs like The Grand, The Deck and The Oceanic Hotel.

Today, his main stage is Flip Flopz of North Wildwood where he plays all day, all night, AND, into the next morning five times a week. While this work schedule may seem like total overload to the average person, Tony describes it simply as “awesome”. “I love my job,” states Tony passionately. “Flip Flopz is a great place to work. The building is beautiful with a breathtaking view from the pool deck. The 1st floor bar is gorgeous. It has a large dance floor with a great sound system and lights. There are over 20 high definition TV’s that I can play my music videos on. Although this venue is only a few years old, its biggest asset is its staff. Everyone that works at Flip Flopz cares about the product we produce here. It’s a joy to work with a team of people that have a common goal and treat each other like family. Flip Flopz is truly a unique working atmosphere and I am fortunate to be part of it”.

And the enthusiasm with which he describes his day-to-day definitely confirms this love. “I can’t wait to get to work,” says Tony. “I love making the party, making people dance.” Does Tony ever wish he could join the partying crowd himself? “I’ve always thought that it’s even better than going to the party if I can control it myself.” Without a doubt, DJ Tony does a stellar job at keeping the party going.

He starts his shift at the Flip Flopz Tiki Topz Pool at 2 p.m. While he loves to play the club scene, Tony describes the pool party atmosphere as a fun change-up. On a sunny summer day, “sometimes flip flops, bikinis and umbrella drinks are cooler than heels, skirts and Jager bombs,” states laidback Tony.

He keeps Tiki Topz hot until 7 p.m. and then takes his first break of the day. Tony rushes home for a quick shower, gears up for the nighttime crowd, and once again gets excited to get to work. DJ Tony hits the downstairs Flip Flopz stage at 9 p.m. where he caters to the musical taste of the evening’s diverse crowd. He starts with some Motown, Disco and Funk classics to get the earlier crowd warmed up. DJ Tony also throws in a few crowd-favorite oldies to mix things up and keep his set surprising.

As the night crowd spills in after 11, Tony picks up the beat with mixes of Top 40 Hits. Ultimately, DJ Tony decides on his next track based on the reaction of his listeners. He does what they love and considers their input important in keeping the party raging. “After midnight, I try not to give them a chance to breathe,” says Tony. If he has a request for house music, DJ Tony delivers with favorites such as “Turbulence” by Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki, “Dirty Talk” by Wynter Gordon, or “We Own the Night” by Tiesto. Anything from Pitbull to Eva Simons to Avicii is fair game and perfect for the energetic Flip Flopz crowd.

DJ Tony has always had a special place in his musical heart for the ladies. He loves to play classic sing-a-long hits to keep the ladies singing and dancing their hearts out. “I Want to Dance with Somebody” is one of Tony’s go-to sing-a-long tracks that really engages the crowd. “I really try to cater to the women. If I can please all the women, the guys can grab a drink and have a good time watching all the ladies dance.” And this strategy has never failed DJ Tony. Flip Flopz reigns supreme as a favorite after hours weekend hotspot of ladies AND guys.

Join DJ Tony Stef Fridays through Tuesdays poolside at Tiki Topz or for a crazy night inside until 3 a.m. at the always bumping Flip Flopz Bar. Find out for yourself how this guy truly brings the party. For more information on DJ Tony’s schedule, check him out on Facebook at “DjTony Stef”.

By Megan Kummer