How to Do The Shore this winter

When you say the word ‘beach,’ most people think sunny skies, hot temperatures and warm ocean water. In January, that’s not really the case at the Jersey Shore. Cold temperatures do not mean you can’t have fun with the whole family.

During the winter you can stay inside, cozy by the fire, or you can go outside and explore South Jersey in the snow!
1.   Bundle up and walk on the beach
It’s like Bay Watch but colder and with more layers. Walking on the beach is always an interesting activity because you never know what you will find.

2.   Try a new restaurant
In the hustle and bustle of the summer, there might be a few restaurants you cannot seem to get a table to enjoy good food. While hours are limited in the winter, there are plenty of restaurants to try and enjoy. The wait for a restaurant in the winter is sure to be shorter than the summer.

3. Do a plunge!
The winter beach isn’t just great for walking, but plunging! Many of the local beach towns hold plunges in January and it’s a great way to dip more than your toes in the water!

4. Visit the Zoo
The Cape May County Zoo is fun at all times of the year and winter is no exception! Visitors can roam around the animals outside and if it gets too cold, they can warm up in the reptile or bird house. The walk around the zoo will help keep you warm as you look at all the animals.

5. Go bird watching
There are plenty of places on the shore to bird watch. In the winter, you never know when you might see a snowy owl! Dig out a pair of binoculars and get looking!