Hit the Water with Lakeview

For an on-the-water fishing experience, try out one of Lakeview’s four-person fishing boats for only $65 for three hours and $85 for five hours. The helpful Lakeview staff runs through all the rules of operation, helps with rods and traps, and helps boaters hop aboard before they set off. Pick up the pace on a Lakeview high-speed Sundance Skiff. The Skiff holds up to five passengers and reaches speeds up to 40 mph.Or get in touch with the water and yourself on a quiet kayak ride on Lakeview’s bay expanse. Only $20 per hour for a single and $30 per hour for a double, Lakeview kayaks can be great for exercise and even better for relaxation.

7118 Park Blvd , Wildwood, NJ, 08260