Hit the Water in a Whole New Way!

This summer, hit the water in a whole new way at Lakeview Docks of Wildwood Crest. Overlooking Sunset Lake, its location alone makes a Lakeview visit worthwhile. Lakeview’s main dock stands at the home port of Cape May County historic landmark “Old Ferry Dock Station”. Gazing over the dock’s edge toward the sprawling bay, you can actually envision the hustle and bustle of the millions of vacationers who buzzed through this port in its heyday.

Nowadays, Lakeview’s home dock serves as a favorite fishing and crabbing pier for Wildwood locals and visitors alike. The waters are calm, the view is great, and the catch is even better. Pack a lunch and hang on the pier all day for only $6 for adults and $4 for children. After their former pier suffered serious damage in Hurricane Sandy, Lakeview Docks presented a new and improved fishing pier in 2013. Bring your rod and pick up your own bait, or let Lakeview do all the heavy lifting for you. Rod rentals cost only $10 per rod and Lakeview offers an assortment of bait options. Decide on the catch you’re aiming for and then choose from sperring, squid, or clams as bait. Crabbers can snag a Lakeview rental trap for only $5.

For an on-the-water fishing experience, try out one of Lakeview’s four-person fishing boats for only $75 for three hours and $10 for each additional hour. The helpful Lakeview staff runs through all the rules of operation, helps with rods and traps, and helps boaters hop aboard before they set off. Pick up the pace on a Lakeview high-speed Sundance Skiff. The Skiff holds up to five passengers and reaches speeds up to 40 mph.

Make waves with Lakeview’s great deals on Wave Runner rentals. Available in singles, doubles, and triples, slice through the waves solo or let a friend do the driving. $65 for a single, $70 for a double, and $75 for a triple per half hour, Lakeview’s brand new Wave Runners for 2015 reach top speeds while looking the sleekest of sleek. Hop aboard with the help of a skilled employee and prepare feel the rush of the wind on your face and the salt water spray.

Get in touch with the water on a quiet kayak ride on Lakeview’s bay expanse. Peace and quiet have never felt as good as aboard a single kayak on this Jersey Shore waterway at sunset. Only $20 per hour for a single and $30 per hour for a double, Lakeview kayaks can be great for exercise and even better for relaxation.

Lakeview Docks is also home to Swan Pedal Boats available for hourly rental for just $40 an hour for a 4-person boat and $35 an hour for a 2-person boat. Pedal your way across Sunset Lake for an unrivaled view of the Wildwoods. If you want to test your balance, Stand up paddle boards are a new addition to Lakeview’s collection. Eleven feet long and extremely stable, these Lakeview boards offer beginners a great opportunity to learn paddling technique. Lakeview’s paddles are also adjustable to the height of each individual renter, ensuring a custom, comfortable SUP experience for just $30 per hour.

With its premium location pier, high and low speed boat rentals, brand new wave runners, kayaks, and knowledgeable staff, make Lakeview your one-stop spot for all Jersey Shore water sports needs. Lakeview wishes all Cape May County summer residents a “Happy Vacation” and invites them to celebrate their 62nd year in the dock business.

7118 Park Blvd , Wildwood