Hit the Green with FootGolf

Cape May County is home to many great family friendly activities for all ages but if you are looking for something unique and different that your whole family can do together, we have the answer. Beginning around September 8, Cape May Par 3 will be home to the only FootGolf course south of Atlantic City!

What is FootGolf you ask? FootGolf is the game of golf played with only your feet and a soccer ball. Players will kick a regulation #5 soccer ball (size 4 for youngsters) from designated teeing areas down the fairways at Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range. Players will kick or bump the ball in a 21 inch hole in the fewest strokes possible. Like golf, most of the same rules apply.

FootGolf was first developed in England and introduced to the United States by The American FootGolf League in 2011. In total, there were only 30 courses throughout the U.S. Today, there are over 300 courses with Cape May Par 3 being one. At the Par 3, the FootGolf course will be set up on the normal golf course with the holes located to the sides of the green and the teeing areas located near the existing tees. Players will play the back nine holes twice through to equal one full game. Holes will range in length from 75-170 yards long.

Cape May Par 3 welcomes those looking to try out the new activity to bring their own soccer ball or to rent one for only $2. Each game costs $10 and in the off-season, look out for an all-day rate. This budget friendly activity is a great time for the entire family. And do not worry about a dress code as casual attire or beachwear is welcome! From ages 5 to 95, everyone is sure to have fun. It is 50% Golf, 50% Soccer and 100% Fun.

For more information on FootGolf or for updates regarding Cape May Par 3 and Driving Range, log on to capemaypar3.com or call (609) 889-2600. To sample the game for yourself, stop by the golf course where a FootGolf cup will be placed by the entrance at 29 Fulling Mill Road in Rio Grande.