Hankins’ Fudge – Home to Homemade Delicacies

Hankins’ Fudge has come more than a long way since its humble beginnings. Hankins’ continues to serve as a pillar of excellence for premium candy treats in the Wildwood community with its delectable creamy fudge and chewy salt water taffy.

George Hankins started his venture into the fudge business in Wildwood Crest in a small cottage behind his home on Columbine Avenue. After perfecting his Hankins’ recipe, George expanded the business, purchasing store space and making his true debut on the homemade candy market. In 1976, after sixty eight successful years of making original candy products for Wildwood patrons, 86 year-old George Hankins sold his business to twin brothers Tony and Ken Gorbatow. Tony and Ken spent the first year after the sale learning the ins and outs of the candy-making business from George and memorizing the Hankins original recipes.

After thorough training and preparation, Tony and Ken were excited to take the reigns and have since further grown the reputation of the decades-old Hankins name. Ken with his food science management degree and Tony with his business savvy made the perfect team to build upon this legacy of homemade delectable sweets and fudge. In 1979, the Gorbatow brothers started the now long-standing “buy one, get one free” Hankins special. All Hankins’ homemade fudge and salt water taffy is offered at buy 1 lb. and get 1 lb. free. Similarly, Hankins’ chocolates of all varieties are offered at buy one 7 oz. bag and get one free. Their dedication to customer service and satisfaction makes the Hankins’ shopping experience a true pleasure.

The Hankins’ namesake and claim to fame – the homemade fudge – has been perfected throughout its history. Only the freshest all-natural ingredients are used in its production. Real liqueur chocolates make up the classic milk chocolate fudge and the other several chocolate-based flavors. While some fudge tends to taste very sugary with a harder texture, Hankins’ fudge recipe achieves just the right level of firmness. It remains less sweet than competitors’ fudge yet even creamier. Made on the store’s premises daily, the fudge is slow cooked using copper kettles. Hankins’ homemade fudge flavors include chocolate, chocolate nut, vanilla, vanilla nut, rocky road, chocolate vanilla swirl, chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, and sugar-free chocolate.

Hankins’ is also renowned for its take on the Jersey Shore delicacy of salt water taffy. While George Hankins was not the originator of the taffy concept, he devised his own unique recipe. Hankins’ salt water taffy is actually made with a nougat base, making it softer and chewier than that of competitors. Loyal Hankins’ patrons find this softer texture much more enjoyable. The taffy is made with all-natural ingredients on the store’s premises. Be sure to pick up a one lb. box of Hankins’ twelve taffy flavors and enjoy the “get one free” special deal.

Candy-lovers are most struck by the shop’s delicious specialty – its chocolate-covered taffy. This special taffy combines the best of both worlds with its savory dark chocolate coating and its salty taffy core. Flavors include raspberry, chocolate, lemon, peppermint, strawberry, vanilla, pistachio, orange, cherry, and lime. The 7 oz. bags of these individually foil-wrapped taffies are too good to resist.

New this summer season, Hankins’ Fudge & Candies is now offering homemade peanut brittle. The perfect taste for the seashore, this gourmet peanut brittle is sold in eight ounce tubs. Made with the finest quality Spanish peanuts, Hankins’ peanut brittle is guaranteed delicious. Also a new product, Hankins’ pecan nougat logs are crafted with the fluffiest nougat, creamy caramel, and fresh pecans. For an extra special melt-in-your-mouth experience , pop one of these nougat logs in the microwave for 10-15 seconds on a high setting. Let cool for two minutes and enjoy out of this world chewy goodness.

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By Megan Kummer

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