Groff’s Restaurant – An American Tradition

If you could take all of the best that Wildwood has to offer a family and give it a taste, it would be on the menu of Groff’s Restaurant. If you could bake all of the smiles and good memories your family has of the shore, it would taste like a famous homemade pie from Groff’s Restaurant. And this legacy of delicious memories began with one patriarch…

Mr. Earl M. Groff came to Wildwood in 1918 from Reading, Pennsylvania. He worked in various trades, from a millwright to a candy maker for Luden’s Candies and Cough Drops. He eventually went to work for the T.S. Goslin Lumber Co., in Wildwood, New Jersey. During the summer, he rented a store at 2814 Boardwalk and ran various games. In 1925, he installed a grill and started selling hot dogs.

Today the owner and operators of Groff’s Restaurant continue to proudly uphold the serving style and quality originally founded by Earl M. Groff.

Dinner, the way it should be, is delicious every time. Of course, it all starts with the tried and true family recipes of the Groffs. Your dinner is their pleasure to serve. They invite diners to enjoy the very best seafood, Pennsylvania Dutch, and American cuisine. Every entrée starts with the love of good food. Fresh meats, vegetables and potatoes, and freshly caught Jersey Shore seafood grace the menu.

Early evening diners can profit from the great-value Groff’s Early Bird Dinner Specials. Served from 4 to 5 p.m. daily, the Early Bird Menu includes diners’ favorites such as the Roast Turkey Breast, complete with potato filling and gravy, Pot Roast of Beef, Baked Ham, Filet of Flounder, and Ocean Scallops, served broiled or fried. Early birds also select two sides and enjoy fresh rolls with their premium meat or seafood. Past 5 p.m., the Roast Turkey Breast served with potato filling entrée remains a must-try. The Tuna Steak, Gulf Shrimp, Crab Imperial, and Broiled Lobster Tails are also among highly recommended Groff’s dinner delicacies.

This summer season, Groff’s debuts its extensive Kids’ Menu for the enjoyment of younger family members. The little ones can keep it simple with a hot dog, Penne pasta, or chicken tenders, or they can experience a taste of mom and dad’s dining world with their very own Roast Turkey, Baked Ham, or Crab Cake dish, also available on the Kids’ Menu.

For dessert, Groff’s invites patrons to celebrate their 88th anniversary with them with a slice of one of their famous pies. With an extensive flavor selection and the generations old recipe, pie at Groff’s is a unique and delicious experience. Sample a slice of their Apple Crumb, Black Bottom, Lemon Meringue, Coconut Cream, Peach Glaze, Banana Glaze, Blueberry Glaze, or Strawberry Glaze for just $3.50. For a summer barbecue or for the holidays, pick up a whole Groff’s pie for $20 or two for $35. Enjoy a slice of this famous homemade pie legacy!

Groff’s Restaurant proudly celebrates eighty-eight years of good food for the family, and continues to serve as the place where so many families have made it tradition to be together.

423 E. Magnolia Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260

By Megan Kummer