Gotta Have That…Shopping Finds! – Swimwear

The day we’ve been waiting for throughout this harsh, frigid winter has finally arrived. Prime beach day season has arrived and it’s time to shed the layers and slip into our swimwear. Before you hit the shore shopping scene, check out what’s trending in Summer 2014 swimwear to guide your purchases and ensure that your beach look is as current and cool as can be.

String is still in.
This tried-and-true swimwear style is still “in” and going strong. Try purchasing your string bikini tops and bottoms in seperates this summer, creating fun mix-and-match potential. The black string bikini had a particlaurly strong showing in designer lines and top store brands this summer and looks great against bronzed skin. Go for a black top with an extra bright string bottom to welcome summer with a bold statement.

One shoulder is better than two.
One shoulder one pieces have been popping up on store racks and even on the runway this summer season and are a great choice for those who may be bikini-shy. The one-shoulder design adds an elegant yet playful detail to an otherwise plain one-piece suit, but keeps things secure in the event of an unexpected wave or rough ocean waters. A solid-color suit with ruching or a similar fabric detail is flattering on all body types.

Show your sporty side.
2014 swimwear has definitely taken a sporty turn, and active beachgoers everywhere are rejoicing. Channel your athletic side with a suit with mesh, zippers, or bold tones this summer at the shore. From the racks at TJ Maxx to high-end designer Alexander Wang’s collection, sporty swimwear is all the rage. Plus, no need to worry about an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction when diving in the sand for that volleyball.

Go retro.
High-waisted shorts are nothing new, however, the high waisted swimsuit bottom is a more recent development. Because the band of such bottoms crosses your body at the smallest part of your waist, this silhouette can actually be surprisingly flattering. Don’t rule it out until you give it a go! Special details, such as a belt or a ’70s-inspired floral print, make a high-waisted suit a fun throwback.

Live on the fringe.
Whether you’re rocking it on your swimsuit or on a breezy cover-up, fringe is a welcome addition to any beach ensemble this summer. Go for a fringed one-piece to keep it a bit more modest, or opt for a strapless bandeau top. Fringe moves with you and is sure to turn a few heads.

For these and tons of other swimwear styles, be sure to hit East Side of the Boardwalk Mall in Wildwood or Boardwalk’s Best which features an epic variety of swimwear for your shore days. Marcellina Boutique of Wildwood Crest also features the latest and greatest in swim and resort wear from today’s most popular designer brands. Last but certainly not least, Silen’s of Pacific Avenue has been in the business of outfitting the perfect beach day for decades now and stocks lots of on-trend swimwear and cover-ups.