Gotta Have That…Shopping Finds! – Sunglasses

This week, “the eyes have it.” We’re turning our attention to the major sunglasses trend of the summer 2014 season. Not only do our shades provide essential UV protection on ling beach days, but they also are a fun and versatile form of self expression. Try one of this season’s latest and greatest sunglasses silhouettes to add a funky, fun twist to your summer ensembles.

Soft Cat Eye
Though Audrey Hepburn made the bold cat eye sunglasses of the 1950s appear to be effortly glamorous, the look has taken a softer spin for summer of 2014. This ultra feminine silhouette has often times been a bit too much for some trendsetters. Therefore, for the summer 2014 season, designers have reinvented the cat eye for a softer feel with more mass appeal.

Most designers have decided to create thicker frames and a not quite as pointy and exaggerated cat eye shape for the lenses. Both high and low end designers are mixing things up a bit by stepping away from a traditional thick, black frame and making them more modern with pops of color intertwined throughout. Even with these modern updates, the cat eye frame remains a retro inspiration.

Round Off
This is a style that was first introduced in the free loving hippie era of the 70s, but has since been off the fashion map. Until summer 2014 that is. Fashion Week runways were full of rounded sunglasses both small and oversized, and the trend has since gained some serious traction.

When the hippies first debuted this look, we saw slim frames and lenses that were featured in all colors of the rainbow. Today, designers are sticking with your basic black and brown lenses, but adding details to the frames to make them pop.

During the 1960s, the style of Jackie Onassis Kennedy dominated the way that women dressed and what accessories they used. It was during this time that the sunglass style started to markedly shift, and eventually, the Wayfarer style was born. It has since undergone some updates and experienced several revivals, but the Wayfarer is here to stay.

Wayfarer sunglasses were first seen on men and Hollywood’s elite, including Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol. It was therefore initially considered a more masculine trend, but it has taken on daring and androgynous vibe when worn by women today. This retro style is very popular currently from the Ray-Ban brand, as they pretty much dominate the market for this style. For summer 2014, they have added neons and prints to their Wayfarer frames in order to make them look more modern, but the original retro style of solid black frames will remain popular and available.

Wood Frames
Each year, there is always a bolder and more futuristic approach to sunglasses that is taken by designers and brands that are willing to try something risky and innovative. This year, the biggest and boldest sunglasses trend seems to be wooden frames.

Inspired by surfers and featuring a coastal, “summery” feel, the wood gives frames for summer 2014 an element of surprise. This is a trend that is definitely drawing attention from both consumers and designers alike. Beach bums have wholeheartedly jumped on the wooden frame wagon. Will you?

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