Gotta Have That…Shopping Finds! – Hat Craze

While the perfect tan is considered essential by most Cape May County summer guests and residents, achieving this level of bronze is a delicate art. A lobster-red sunburn doesn’t suit anyone, not to mention the health hazards severe sunburns can pose. That’s why we set out on a quest to find the most effective and stylish protective headwear to keep your moneymaker shaded from harsh UV rays.

1. Well Rounded
Made famous by Charlie Chaplin, the iconic bowler hat gives your look a quirky and confident edge.

2. Set Sail
A vintage straw boater adds nautical charm to any outfit.

3. World Traveler
The legendary Panama hat adds globetrotting cool to your standard beach cover-up.

4. Floppy Brimmed
A ’70s-inspired wide-brim hat provides chic and sexy shade.

5. Sporty Cool
For a more athletic look, baseball hats are a great beach-friendly alternative. Great White Shark of Cape May has a fun collection of baseball hats for those looking to show their shore pride. Check out the Cape May Dune Cap, monogrammed with an image of the lighthouse surrounded by dunes. This soft-washed cap has an adjustable leather back strap, adding a stylish twist to its classic shape. The Four Oars Cape May monogrammed cap is another cute option offered by Great White Shark’s collection. Both of these hats are available in white, cornflower, charcoal, khaki/charcoal, khaki/blue, khaki, and maroon. Show your exit zero love.

6. It’s a Wrap
This summer is also host to an all new use for scarves. Your favorite silk or patterned scarf can now double as a headwrap. This trend is a prime example of fashion recycling at its best, marrying the winter scarf with a fun summer look. Dress them down with a bikini at the beach or pair your headwrap with a long sundress for dinner and drinks.

This season, it’s not what you wear…it’s what you wear on your head!