Gotta Have That…Shopping Finds! – Beach Bag Trends

‘Tis the season to be beach-bound! Be ready for a spontaneous shore trip at only a moment’s notice with a super cute yet durable beach bag fully stocked with your seaside essentials and just waiting for its moment to shine. This week, it’s all about one of summer’s most serious fashion staples – the beach bag. We are proud to present our 2014 beach bag trend review in hopes you’ll find one that suits your best beach look.

1. Woven Bucket Bag
Complete with draw strings for security and stability, these bucket bags have an almost magical capacity and are an easy carry. They are sure to fit your towel, sunscreen, refreshing beverages, beach reads, and then some. Plus, they fit like a backpack and therefore free up your hands to carry your beach chair, surfboard, or even your favorite beach game. Select a bucket bag complete with a bright, bold print and embrace the summer fun.

2. Straw Tote
The classic straw tote never seems to go out of style. And that is certainly the case for the 2014 season. Straw totes have been popping up everywhere from the runway to the aisles of department stores. They instantly add a “beachy” element to your complete ensemble and are such a neutral hue that they are not at all likely to clash with a patterned swimsuit or coverup. Get your straw on!

3. Print Canvas Tote
A tote complete with a print is an edgier, more modern beach bag choice perfect for those looking to take their shore ensemble to the next level. Go with a print of your favorite brand, character, or even funky pattern that is uniquely “you”. Canvas totes are ultra flexible (much more so than a straw tote) and they are therefore ideal for traveling to a coastal location.

4. Burlap Shoulder Bag
Get in touch with your inner earthy side with one of these trendy burlap statement bags. Extremely flexible, durable, and eco-friendly, these add a “flower child” element to an otherwise everyday beach look. Feeling crafty? Create your own! Follow the instructions here:

5. Bamboo Accents
Bamboo handles add an exotic, tropic vibe to any beach bag. They’re also considerably sturdy and slip perfectly over your wrist. Structured bamboo beach bags have an extra touch of elegance to them and can easily transition from day to night wear.

Snag your favorite of these several beach bag trends today, and sport it proudly until Labor Day!