Gotta Have That…Shopping Finds!

The latest fashion trends for the summer of 2013 continue to wow…
1. Statement Stripes
Get ready to make a statement and stick out this summer in large sized stripes. These stripes have been seen worn everywhere and promise to be a persistent trend. You can wear them in bold, black, white or mix things up. Sport these stripes and you will be turning heads!

2. Monochrome
Black and white never goes out of style. These colors have been popular for years and are still all the rage.

3. Florals
Nothing says summer more than a beautiful floral dress. Flower power is back this summer bringing the 60’s back. 3D flower embellishments are a big hit for this summer on skirts, dresses, shirts, shoes and more.

4. Oriental
The West meets the East with the new oriental and Japanese prints on many dresses this summer. The intricacy and detail of the oriental embroidery really stands out. Tailored oriental pant suits, shirts, dresses and skirts all with the sophistication of Japanese design.

5. White
A white summer dress is the perfect attire for a lazy summer day or a fun night out. You can accessorize with bursts of color, bangles or a bright handbag. You can wear wedges to complete your summer look and feel great!

6. Neon Shades
Bright neon shades are in for this summer. The palette consists of bright red, pink daisy, orange, lemon emerald green, azure, blue and flesh. A combination of two contrasting colors is also very in style.

7. Graphic Designs
Graphic designs on pants, skirts, dresses and shirts seem to be an ongoing trend for the summer of 2013. Some relevant prints are floral, animal, and graphic designs. Gear up with graphics to look and feel great while you are enjoying the summer.

8. Crop Tops
Flashback to the 90s – the trend of crop tops is back! Try the bold look of a crop top with a pair of loose fitting bottoms for the summer of 2013.

9. Sporty Clothing
Even if you do not go to the gym, get comfortable with a sporty dress or pair of sneakers. Not only is this trending but it is comfortable, and wearing sporty clothes certainly does not require dry cleaning.

By Brittany Cassidy