Gotta Have That…Shopping Finds!

Prepare to hit the beach in style with our review of the latest 2013 swimwear trends. Look up-to-date and sleek in any of the following swimwear looks, with options fit for every body type and figure.

1. Zig-Zag Striped Cutout Swimsuit
Graphic striped cutout black and white swimsuits are making appearances on beaches everywhere. Wear yours with an open top and sandals for a trip to the beach bar and look stylish and fun!

2. 80’s Pop
Fashion hits from the 80’s continue strong into this season with color blocking, neon hues and sporty inspired swimwear.

3. Retro Swimwear
Retro, vintage and pin-up style – you name it and 2013 swimwear has embraced it. High waist bottoms continue their reign as a popular choice to hide problem spots on the stomach. Structured bustier tops, nautical prints, skirted bottoms and ruffles are also safe choices.

4. Floral Prints
Dainty, in small repetition patters or even bigger, in vibrant colors, whichever your preference, you will be sure to find plenty of flowers this swimwear season! The palette mostly consists of pinks, reds, oranges, and blues.

5. Maritime Time
Ocean-inspired elements are featured prominently in prints and shapes for this swim season. The palette is filled with sea greens and deep ocean blues. Prints have a decidedly underwater feel, including coral reef prints and wispy watercolor brush strokes.

6. Tribal
Choose from fringe tops and Native American-inspired graphics in geometric form or feather prints. Zigzag designs have also made a strong showing on beachgoers of all ages.

7. Mix-matching
No need to invest in brand new bikini tops and bottoms when the trend is to mix the old ones…Several designers have incorporated mix-matching tops and bottoms in their resort runway looks, which usually incorporate a solid color on top and a bottom of a similar color scheme or of a print that includes the color of the top.

8. Texture
Look for unusual and unexpected fabrics for swimwear with texture provided by raised designs. Patterns are becoming very popular and they are expected to grow for this season. The key to this look is to not include hardware in the swimsuit, as the fabric texture should speak for itself.

9. Bodysuits
For a more modest look, go for one piece swimsuits with a leotard feel. Bodysuits work great as transitional pieces and they are gaining in popularity among all age groups. They work well for all body types and figures.

By Brittany Cassidy