Gotta Have That…Shopping Finds!

So far this summer, we here at BLAST have investigated all that is “hot” in prints, dresses, tees, and trendy headwear. But this week, it’s all about the
bling. What jewelry pieces are perfect staples for the summer 2012 season? We’ve done the research…

1. Bright & Chunky

While the chunky beaded necklace appeared to have its heyday in the 80s, it has returned with a vengeance in our modern day 21st century. Round or square jewels, silver or gold chain, the chunkier, the better! The runway has been showing chunky pieces in contrasted color schemes. The more opposite the color family, the more of a statement the piece will make. For example, one of our favorite Cape May County boutiques – People People – features chunky circular beaded necklaces with contrasted primary and secondary colors such as red and orange or cool blue and and lime green. Worn with a strapless sundress or a solid colored tee, these are the perfect pieces of statement jewelry.

2. Blue and more blue

As we reported earlier in the season, the must-have clothing color is most definitely mint. But as far as jewels, rich blues and teals reign supreme. For a
quick and easy blue addition to your jewelry collection, check out M.S. Brown of Wildwood and Cape May Court House and their selection of murano glass Chamilia beads. Chamilia bracelets are arguably the most adaptable piece on the jewelry market. You can buy and swap charms to match the season’s trends. And these murano glass options feature clear and beautiful color. A more classic method to wear a teal piece? A turquoise stone pendant. A Whale’s Tale of Cape May features an impressive selection of turquoise pendants, rings, and more.

3. Choker necklaces

Having flashbacks to the 70s thinking about this trend? The choker is in fact back in style. From African-inspired wooden pieces to dainty chain chokers,
these necklaces are perfect for accentuating the neckline or “décolletage”. Terry Ivory of Stone Harbor offers plain chains both in silver and gold in
varying lengths. Grab one of their shorter chains, select your own charm, and create a uniquely “you” custom choker. One of the must have jewelry items that will complete your wardrobe is a Choker Necklace. It is truly not important how expensive the piece as long as it is close to the neck accentuating the shoulder lines. A choker necklace looks great with strapless tube top, v-neck, or deep round neck shirts and dresses. Taller women with a longer necks can pick a piece that is a bolder and chunkier on the upper neck, while ladies with a shorter neck should go for daintier pieces that sits below the neck but above the collar bone.

4. Floral-inspired

Our favorite part about this “flower power” trend? The rings! Nothing adds a touch of fashion to the summer uniform of jean shorts and a comfy tee like a chunky flower on your ring finger. Lightly rhinestoned or just simply glossy and bright, this summer’s large flower rings make a flawless transition from day to night looks.

5. Nature’s own

It appears that this summer’s trendsetters have chosen to embrace the gems given to us by Mother Nature herself. Feather pieces have especially taken flight. Long charm necklaces accented with colored or natural feathers add an earthy touch to any sundress ensemble. But feather earrings remain a favorite. Large feathers accented by dangling simple gold chains hang from the ears of free spirited fashionistas. For an alternative look, pair one of these dangling feather earrings with one of your favorite post earrings. One on each ear makes for a funky change-up. Beyond the fruits of our feathered friends, jewelry this season is all about tapping into our natural resources. Slices of polished coral or aqua colored quartz attached to long simple chains hang from the necks of both young and old jewel-lovers. Free Shop of Cape May features beautiful white quartz post earrings accented with gold that can match nearly any day or nighttime look.

By Megan Kummer