Gotta Have That.. Nail Designs You Will Love

Nails can play an important role in a woman’s look. They can make your hands sparkle and stand out, and they tell a lot about how you take care of yourself. Here are some summer designs and colors that you may want to try yourself.

1.) Natural nails, creamy shades, light pink and nude are very popular. They are fun, simple and they match everything you wear. If you want to change it up, add a little glitter or metallic color to the end of the nail for some extra design.

2.) Dark nails are the way to go this year if you enjoy wearing darker toned colors. Black, navy, dark purple, and burgundy are all very popular and have been seen on the New York catwalks. These colors will also match most outfits.

3.) Metallic nails for the summer is trending and we see it more and more this summer. Silver, gold, and bronze nail polishes are some of the hottest nail designs to come out this season. If you do not like the idea of having your entire nail metallic shades, then you can opt for a subtle metallic color and add details to a nude nail as said before. To get a more modern look you may want to try a silver manicure on short nails, but make sure the corners of the nail are rounded!

4.) The two tone polish is popular. Try two contrasting colors that match your skin tone and that you enjoy. You can use a thin brush to apply the colors vertically, diagonally to vertically or anything your imagination wants. Having bold details on the nail is very popular and sticks out. Try using dark tones on a light nail doing zig zags as if it were shark bites, or navy blue lines as waves. Anything is possible!

5.) If you are not good at painting nails, don’t worry – you can still have perfect nails. Many pharmacies and stores are now selling real nail polish strips. These strips just stick on the nail and there are many different designs and colors that you can choose from. Cheap, easy and fun…all you have to do is paint a clear coat over them and they can last for weeks. Don’t forget about getting enough for your toes!

6.) Bright colors are always popular for the summer. Coral, fuchsia, orange, yellow, turquoise and so on. These colors can all boost your outfits. You can even try the “M&M” effect, a different color on each nail. This is popular with a lot of kids for toes.

7.) Pale hue blue looks great with denim. This color looks great for going out at night. It is simple, clean and fun. It can match most outfits and doesn’t stand out much.

By Brittany Cassidy