Got to Have That…Shopping Finds – Jewelry

Try out these Jewelry looks to liven up any outfit!

Unbalanced Ears
Although you may not see this trend on a trip to the supermarket, the unbalanced earring look is blossoming into its own this summer. Whether off in shape, symmetry, length or even the amount of earrings from one side to the other, it is all about a unique style on each ear; of course, symmetrical looks are always welcome.

Bold Brass
Statement necklaces have been a thing for a few summers now, but really shining are the brass pieces. These richly hued, bold pieces can add a new look to any outfit. Try the look in necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. There is no shortage of shine!

Remember in the 90’s when the choker was all the rage? Like many fashion trends, this one has made its return. The choker look is back and extremely popular among teenagers and early twenty-somethings which many have paired with their own version of a grunge look. Chokers are coming in all forms including the velvet and fake tattoo look. Don’t be surprised if your teenager is sporting one to the boardwalk this summer.

Go Natural
Many jewelry styles this year include pieces that are made out of natural resources such as wood, dried grass or even sea glass. This popular coastal look results in great accessories, wearable all year long.

Stacking Rings
Stacking Rings are a casual accessory that can show your personality. Layer the look on your fingers with all kinds of rings. Popular styles for this year are gem stones, simple metal designs or tiny motifs. Finish your hand off with knuckle rings, another recent trend.

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