Gleeson’s Presents New Spanish Wines

Gleeson’s Discount Liquors has recently revamped its already extensive wine selection and is now proud to present a variety of Spanish wines. Each of these wines is composed of grape varietals unique to Spanish regions, offering an unparalleled taste and finish. The Albariño is a light white grape which is highly acidic with a fine balance of crisp & citrus. Monastrell is a hearty red blend usually made of tempranillo & Cabernet Sauviginon. Spanish Monastrell are rich and full bodied with notes of blackberry and black cherry. The Tempranillo varietal is a medium body red with rich notes of cherry, plum & tomato. Most of the Spanish grapes are on the lighter spectrum, very drinkable alone or paired with a meal. And at Gleeson’s, there’s no need to judge a bottle by its price tag. There are a lot of $9.99 to $15.99 bottles of Spanish wine with full body flavor and a favorable price tag.

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