Gleeson’s Features Imported Rosés

Gleeson’s Liquors is your local destination for the finest in imported rosé wines. Recently, rosé has become all the rage. They are usually semi-dry to off sweet and hail predominately from Spain, France & Italy. Rosé is not a white zinfandel, like some may mistakenly perceive. Based upon region of origin, it can be composed of Spanish Tempranillo & Garnacha, Italian Sangiovese, and French Syrah grape varietals. It is a very popular wine choice in the warmer months due to its light body and its berry and citrus aroma. The staff at Gleeson’s suggest that a rosé be paired with seafood, fish, and light poultry meals. It can also pair exquisitely with light and spicy fare. Rosé can serve well as an after-dinner, palette cleanser. Allow Gleeson’s to be your guide to the perfect summer rosé!

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