Give a Little Edge to Your Summer Hairstyle

In the summer, it is always hard to keep up with your hair. But we have styles that will match your hair no matter the texture, color, or length. These styles are fun and easy so give them a try. Hairstylists and salons will know best, so go to a local Cape May County salon to see if they can create these fun, easy hairstyles for a great night out!

Sleek Perfection
Part your short hair on the side and gently smooth it with your fingers to give your hair a laid back kind of style that is still fun and stylish.

Knots’ Landing
Last season the top knot was in style, but if you move the knot down about 5 inches to the base of your neck you will have a completely new style. It will give a relaxed way to looking chic.

The Next Day Waves
If you get a blowout and the humidity is just awful and ruining your style, don’t stress. Just wrap your ends around a thick barrel curling iron giving it some bounce and waves.

The Fun Flirty Faux Bob
Have fine hair and think it’s a problem? After curling your hair grab a pin, tuck up the ends and pin it to your head. Spray a flexible hairspray and this will give your hair a “full” and fashionable look.

Pick a Side
Pull your hair into a low ponytail, secure the ends with elastic, then roll the tail up and pin it to your head. Move it to the side just in front of your ear and it will give the full bob side style.

The Goddess Braid
If you have long hair, this may be the perfect style for you. Braid a section of hair by your ear and pin it around your head to look like a crown. Place the braid a few inches back, away from your face to give it a modern, goddess look.

Sideswept Splendor
Push your waves to one shoulder and anchor the style by adding crisscrossed pins at the nape and make sure to use enough hairspray to hold it in place.

Seaside Braid
Having a loose braid gives a romantic feel. Keep it casual with a braid around your head and letting a few wisps fall out along the way. Secure the end of the braid with a ribbon for a summery braid that you will love.

Coming Undone
Everyone loves marcel waves but it will look a little more chic when you leave it a little undone. If you use a curling iron with a clamp it will create a zigzag effect. Just make sure to break your hair up in sections to make sure it is all even.

By Brittany Cassidy