First Annual Pier to Pier Challenge

The first annual Pier to Pier Challenge will take place on Lincoln Ave on Saturday August 1, 2015 at 6:30pm. Registration is $30. This unique and spectator friendly course will give swimmers the opportunity to utilize the skills that an ocean lifeguard uses on a daily basis, surf dashing, body surfing, and ocean swimming. The course will consist of two apex triangles bringing swimmers in through the surf and onto the beach at the half mile mark. At this point spectators will be able to see each swimmer and lend encouragement to their friend or family member. Novice open water swimmers will have the opportunity to just swim the first triangle to gain experience and confidence in the open water by completing a half mile swim. Awards will be given to the three overall male and female swimmers, male and female age groups from 10 & under through 50 & over, and awards given to the top swim team and Beach Patrol. Proceeds from the Pier to Pier Challenge will benefit the Wildwood Beach Patrol along with the South Jersey Triathlon Club. If there any questions feel free to contact the race coordinator Billy Auty at 215-806-9422.