Firefly Moonshine at Gleeson’s

Having noted a huge resurgence in moonshine, the Gleeson’s Discount Liquors now carries Firefly Moonshine, from the makers of top selling Firefly Sweet Tea. At the Firefly Distillery, the batches run slow and small to ensure quality and purity. It is a constant hands-on operation with someone always tending the stills, testing the distillation runs, putting labels on jars and sippin’ the spirits now and then. The end result is a mason jar full of great taste and good times. Available in a number of flavors including Apple Pie, Blackberry, and Peach, Firefly Moonshine is 100.7 proof – just the right number to release the true flavor of raw corn whiskey. It packs three times the punch of your everyday liquor…Light it up!

565 Sea Isle Blvd , Ocean View, NJ, 08230