Excellent Reviews for ELTC’s ‘Dracula’

Photo from East Lynne Theater Company’s “Dracula” with James Rana, Samuel Douglas Clark, Matthew Lindsay Payne and Thomas Raniszewski. Photo credit: Gayle Stahlhuth

East Lynne Theater Company’s “Dracula” is not only popular with all ages, but is receiving excellent reviews. Here’s a selection from reviewer Tom Sim’s for “Exit Zero:”

“Where there’s blood, there’s chemistry. ‘Dracula’ features a cast with an exceptional rapport that by night ‘comes alive’ on stage… Superb acting is always great to watch, but when an ensemble comes together so tight as these players it is a rare treat. The cast connections begin as Van Helsing (James Rana) and Dr. Seward (Thomas Raniszewski) discover that the new and supposedly caring next-door neighbor is a blood-sucking vampire (Samuel Douglas Clark). Emotions are palpable and the characters compelling. For example, when Lucy (Rachel Holt) swoons under Dracula’s spell, you can feel the energy between the two. All of this is portrayed on a set that is remarkably medieval, the perfect backdrop… Loosen your collar (if you dare) and enjoy a night with one of the most legendary and charming monsters of them all.”

Others in the cast are Robert LeMaire, Matthew Lindsay Payne, Tara Reuter and Evan Smilyk, under the direction of Gayle Stahlhuth.

Adapted from Bram Stoker’s novel, this adaptation by Irishman Hamilton Deane and Philadelphian John L. Balderston was on Broadway in 1927 and starred Frank Langella in 1979.

“Dracula” runs four nights a week, Wednesdays through Saturdays, at 8:30 p.m. at The First Presbyterian Church, 500 Hughes St., Cape May. On Friday, August 26 is an ASL interpreted performance. For reservations, call (609) 884-5898 or visit www.eastlynnetheater.org. Ages 12 and under are free.