Elena Bond Makes an Impression, See her Gallery in Stone Harbor!

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What: Elena Bond brings her artwork to Stone Harbor’s Ocean Galleries
When: Sunday, August 6 from 7 to 10 p.m.
Where: Ocean Galleries, 9618 3rd Ave, Stone Harbor

Ocean Galleries is thrilled to announce that internationally renowned artist Elena Bond will be making her debut appearance in Stone Harbor with her “New Impressionism” exhibit Saturday, August 5th and Sunday, August 6th with exclusive receptions with the artist from 7:00pm to 10:00pm each evening. (Exhibit is free, open to the public, and all works will be available for acquisition.)
““It’s an honor to introduce our community to an artist of Elena’s caliber,” says Ocean Galleries’ owner Kim Miller. “You get such a sense of joy when you look at her pieces. Her technique and creativity convey freedom, peace, love, hope, and happiness. It all shines through her incredible paintings.”
Bond’s talent has earned her fans and collectors all over the globe, as well as the respect of the art world. In fact, she counts the grandson of French visual artist, Henri Matisse, as an admirer of her work. “I see Elena as one of the key artists in modern impressionism, pushing the boundaries of the movement in a way that hasn’t been done previously,” says Pierre Henri Matisse. “She uses her impeccable taste in a very subtle, sophisticated way, creating intense harmonies in her paintings as she keeps the contrast between color and value dynamically balanced.”

“Into the Sea” by Elena Bond, 36 x 36 inches, Oil on Canvas.

Her signature style comes from painting with only a palette knife. Unlike Impressionist masters of the past, known for soft brushstrokes, Bond employs confident sweeps of the palette knife that lend vibrancy and motion to her paintings that resonate with light, color, and energy. While images blur, the emotions they evoke only become more clear.
Born into a family of artists in Samsara, Russia in the 1960s, Bond’s journey to becoming a world-renowned painter is intense and interesting. Travelling and moving frequently as a child, due to her stepfather’s career as a military doctor, she attended her first art school at the age of 11 and went on to earn a degree in Scenic Design from the State College of Art in Uzbekistan, and a master’s degree in Fine Art from the Academy of Art. Ultimately, her strong foundation of classical training provided the foundation for her creative spirit and innovative technique to fly free.
Freedom itself is a theme in her art and life, as she grew up as an artist is Russia, dreaming of a life in America. Fate intervened when she won a Green Card lottery, from a pool of 300,000 applicants, and left Russia for the United States. Today, she lives and works in Miami with her husband and two children.
This remarkable journey is reflected in her paintings. “The way that she paints, she can project freedom,” says Miller. “Everything is positive for her. Her subject matter is very diverse. While my attraction to her work began with the beach and sand, her cityscapes are also spectacular, and her ballerinas are beautiful. She has the ability to create paintings that have great harmonies and their contrast between color and value is so balanced,” says Miller. “She always creates a really dynamic piece of art.”
In addition to showcasing her paintings, Miller is also excited to introduce Elena Bond to art enthusiasts during the artist receptions. “Beyond the art, Elena Bond is full of humility and graciousness,” says Miller. She’s just an incredible human being and I can’t wait for people to come to the gallery to experience her art and meet her.”