East Coast Author Publishes Book Series

Raymond Vincent Depew, who goes by the pen name RD Vincent, is a vacationer of the Cape May area. He was raised on a small dairy farm in Howells, New York along with his brother and sister. From childhood, Vincent remembers his Grandmother and Great Aunt talking of stories of witches, folklore, hermits and lost treasure. He was always taken back by these stories and remembered them often.

When he graduated Pine Bush High School in 1997, he decided to attend SUNY Potsdam and pursue a Music degree, which did not work out. Instead, he decided to pursue a Business Economics Degree. During his undergrad, he met New York Poet Maurice Kenny who encouraged him to attend a creative writing class. Inspired by the experience, he wrote a proposal for the college newspaper. Drawing upon the stories of his Grandmother and Great Aunt he combine cooking with the articles to create a column he named “Something to Cook About” which launched in 1999.

During this moment the idea for his book series Donbridge was imagined. Vincent wanted to expand the stories of his childhood and recognized that he would have to develop characters and a town to wrap all of the stories together. Finally, and most important, the collaboration of his Grandmother, who lives in New York and his Great Aunt who is frequently in Stone Harbor, New Jersey were paramount in filling in the gaps to these nearly 150 year old stories. The project was a labor of love and took Vincent nearly 15 years to storyboard and design.

“It has been a massive undertaking, but in the end, the efforts have been well worth it. The first story has already received 5 out 5 stars on Amazon and is in both Kindle and Paperback form.”

RD Vincent’s first publication: Donbridge: The Ring of Lazarus was released on July 15. The second story in the series is set to come out the fall of 2015. It’s definitely worth a read while taking a break from hectic bustle of the world.