Duffer’s Dazzles & Delights

Known as the “Best Scoop in Town!”, Duffer’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor is more than your typical ice cream shop. This third generation family-run business combines the perfect ingredients to create an atmosphere of family fun.

Duffer’s of Wildwood can meet nearly any definition of “fun”. On the outdoor grounds, an eighteen-hole miniature golf course allows customers to tee up at the foot of a huge sand castle or a few feet from the tentacles of a giant purple octopus. The nautical theme of the course is perfect for the “gone to the beach” mood of the shore town’s patrons. Finish up the game at the shipwreck of the final hole where golfers putt to win a chance at a free game for their next visit to Duffer’s. Looking for a more digital kind of “fun”? Duffer’s arcade has games for family members of all ages including Frogger, Air Hockey, and Fruit Ninja. Make sure to save all game tickets. Duffer’s arcade includes a prize redemption center where gamers can choose between tons of prizes from Fun Dip to gumball dispensers.

When gamers work up an appetite, they can head inside Duffer’s restaurant where the dining fun can begin. From its beginning in 1974, Duffer’s golf course and ice cream parlor has prided itself on its dessert treats. With the island’s largest and only selection of homemade ice cream flavors, Duffer’s offers countless possibilities. Unique flavors such as maple walnut, strawberry cheesecake, vanilla fudge, butter brickle, and coconut chip can be topped with your favorite syrup and Snickers, Heath Bar, and Swedish Fish. The extensive sundae menu must also be considered. The Caramel Apple Sundae and the Fluffernutter are two of our personal favorites. Once the sundae selection is made, visitors can take a seat at an old-fashioned wooden booth in the parlor and enjoy the rays of colored light beaming from the stained-glass ceiling. Herbie the bear has entertainment covered as he bikes across a tightrope above the dining room, greeting new customers and dazzling diners. Be sure to listen for the chug-chug of the model train known as the Duffer’s Express that circles the parlor and trace the train’s trail as you dig in to your jumbo sundae or waffle creation.

For those seeking a hardy pancake breakfast, look no further. From banana nut to Swedish, Duffer’s restaurant offers a variety of classic and specialty pancake choices. With its cream cheese filling and topped with fresh strawberries, Duffer’s Stuffed French Toast is another must-try breakfast specialty. Served from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., breakfast at Duffer’s can be enjoyed by early and late risers alike. An innovative take on a classic lunchtime favorite, the Croissant ABLT, stuffed with fresh avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and topped with a fried egg, is sure to please. Afternoon visitors enjoy an equally varied lunch menu from gourmet burgers to chicken wraps and from fresh salads to steak sandwiches served from 11:30 a.m. Dinner at Duffer’s includes an array of both American specialties and fresh-caught seafood specialties, from Deep Sea Scallops to the Homemade Crab Cakes.

The Kiddie Korner menu ensures that younger family members can select their favorite plates such as Mac & Cheese or Chicken Fingers as well. All Duffer’s delicious dishes – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – are offered at family friendly prices that will not break the bank. Looking to grab great tasting Duffer’s delicacies to-go? The parlor and restaurant has its own take out section for both food and dessert dishes. Just call ahead and the Duffer’s team will have your order ready for pickup when you arrive.

Before you conclude your Duffer’s visit, make sure you check out the restaurant and ice cream parlor’s gift shop. Purchase a bracelet or a beach-themed sign to remember your golfing, arcade, and/or dining adventure by. Whether you’re a gamer, an eater, or a shopper, Duffer’s offers fun you won’t soon forget.

By Meg Kummer