Drink of the Week: Summer 2016 Roundup

We spend our entire winter counting down the days until Memorial Day Weekend, and before we know it, the summer has come and gone and the Labor Day blues set in. But we here at DoTheShore aren’t ready to let the summer go just yet! So, we decided to relive those beach days and Boardwalk nights by featuring all of our drinks of the week from summer 2016. Read on to find our last five drinks, pick your favorite and go celebrate an endless summer!

11. Beach Plum Farm Berry Mojito from The Rusty Nail
Cape May County is home to many farms that offer locally grown fruits and vegetables, and the Beach Plum Farm Berry Mojito offers a new way to enjoy this farm-fresh produce. The main ingredients that make the Beach Plum Farm Berry Mojito so deliciously fresh are the strawberries, blueberries and spearmint leaves grown and harvested right in West Cape May on the Beach Plum Farm. To make this mojito, these elements are muddled with lime, and mixed with simple syrup, lime juice, Bacardi rum and club soda, creating a perfect combination of sweet berries, sour citrus and refreshing mint flavors.

12. Summer Punch Martini from 5 West Pub
Keep that summer vibe going with the Summer Punch Martini! Made with coconut rum, vodka, pineapple juice and grenadine, and finished with an orange slice garnish, one sip of this tropical concoction will have you dreaming of endless sunshine and beach days. It’s sweet yet light, so the fruity flavors aren’t too overwhelming. This means you can easily indulge in more than one of these juicy cocktails!

13. Mojito from Deauville Inn
Refreshing might be a cliché when describing the Mojito, but it’s oh so correct! Deauville’s Mojito is made by muddling two lime slices, mint leaves and Cruzan Rum, adding ice, club soda and mojito mix, and shaking it up to serve. Deauville grows its very own mint right on the premises, promising the freshest taste with every sip. To mix things up, opt for a mango, raspberry or strawberry flavored Mojito!

14. Pain Killer from Beach Creek Oyster Bar & Grille
Ease the pain of saying goodbye to summer with a Pain Killer! Bartender Steph whipped this one up for us by first placing ice in a mason jar. She then added Pusser’s Rum, orange juice and pineapple coconut cream. After tumbling this mix, Steph gave the drink a dash of nutmeg, enhancing this already sweet drink yet balancing it out with some spice. Finished with an orange slice and a cherry garnish, this smooth and creamy cocktail is just what the doctor ordered.

15. Fig’n Fruity from Tuckahoe Inn
As we say goodbye to the summer sun and hello to fall foliage, we welcome the perfect transitional cocktail, Fig’n Fruity. Bartender Theresa whipped up the Fig’n Fruity for us by first muddling orange slices to release their fresh juices. She then added ice, fig vodka, club soda and a splash of cranberry juice. She shook it up and gave it an orange slice garnish, then placed the beautiful, light pink concoction with floating orange slices in front of us to indulge. The result was a sweet, citrusy, refreshing cocktail with a bubble.

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