Drink of the Week: S’more Martini

Herald Staff Pick

For this week’s drink of the week, we decided to ask our Herald staff members to share some of their favorite cocktails with our readers. Our Content Marketing Coordinator chose S’more Martini as her drink of choice.

A twist on a classic dessert, S’more Martini is created with chocolate syrup, crushed graham crackers, marshmallow vodka, chocolate milk, heavy cream and a marshmallow. To make the martini, first, dip the rim of the martini glass into chocolate syrup and cover it with graham cracker crumbs. Then, combine the marshmallow vodka, chocolate milk and heavy cream to create a smooth, sweet s’mores mixture. Finally, place the marshmallow on top, toasted if desired. This S’more Martini is the perfect treat to serve at gatherings, just like s’mores around a campfire – only our cocktail is a lot less messy and a lot more fun!

Ready to try the S’more Martini? You can make this delicious concoction yourself with the help of our friends at Joe Canal’s Discount Liquor Outlet in Rio Grande, which offers huge discounts and monthly specials on the spirits you need as well as wine and beer. If you’re further up the coast of the Jersey Shore, Gleeson’s Liquors in Ocean View has a wide range of discounted spirits along with international wines and domestic, imported and craft beers.

We hope our martini will have you wanting “s’more!”

{photo and recipe via www.bakedbyrachel.com}