Drink of the Week: Poco Diablo

5 West Pub is always experimenting with innovative cocktails to add to their already extensive list of options. After crafting this week’s crowned drink of the week, 5 West enlisted the help of its one thousand plus Facebook followers and in-house patrons in settling on its official title. Its recipe is quite simple, but definitely packs a punch. This originally nameless concoction consists of Absolut Citron and habanero lime simple syrup and is best described by 5 West staff as “not too hot, not too sweet”. Its spicy kick is sure to energize while its lime garnish adds a hint of sweet acidity. 5 West fans had a week to declare what they thought to be the best title of this innovative martini.

At last, on December 3rd, winner Justin Mogavero triumphed with his preferred name, the “Poco Diablo”. Justin won a $50 gift card to 5 West with which he can enjoy quite a few more Poco Diablos. Congrats! 5 West is currently running an awesome special on all such gift cards. In the spirit of the holiday shopping frenzy, 5 West is giving away $10 gift cards just for you with every $50 purchased for family and friends. Treat yourself and loved ones to a taste of 5 West’s martini madness!

By Megan Kummer