Drink of the Week: Mint Chocolate Chip Martini

This week’s minty green dessert crowned cocktail is actually the original creation of one of our past bartenders of the week – Noel Haldeman of Owen’s Pub in North Wildwood. Noel set out to craft a Mint Chocolate Chip martini that tasted just as delicious as the classic ice cream flavor, and his mission was definitely accomplished. How did he do it? This martini is made with 2 oz. Rumple Minze, 2 oz. Bailey’s, and 1/2 oz. of green Creme de Menthe, giving it its minty hue.

Owen’s staff suggests an optional garnish of a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie to give it an extra boost of chocolate goodness. Here, bartender Brenda poses with her version of Noel’s genius Mint Chocolate Chip Martini. Sample this and even more of the Owen’s team’s original creations at Owen’s “Happiest Happy Hour” from 11:30 am to 8 pm Monday through Thursday and 11:30 am to 9 pm Fridays. Or stop by on a Football Sunday when Owen’s 19 hi-def, wide-screen televisions promise to keep you updated on every second of the big game. Owen’s is an official NFL Ticket member, ensuring that you can view every minute of play in your favorite out-of-market games.

By Megan Kummer