Drink of the Week 8/2-8/8

This week’s killer concoction comes to us from the historic Tuckahoe Inn. Tuckahoe, literally meaning “where the deer are shy and hard to approach”, was the name of the Lenni-Lenape Indian nation native to the land where the Tuckahoe Inn now stands. We took a seat at the Inn’s Back Bay Café where these native South Jersey people once roamed to enjoy breathtaking bayside views and this week’s crowned cocktail winner, the Electric Lemonade.

What makes it so electrifying? This drink of the week is made with one jigger of Absolut Citron vodka, ½ fluid ounce of Blue Curacao, two fluid ounces of sour mix, one can of lemon-lime carbonated beverage, and one orange cut into wedges for garnish and to add an acidic kick. Electric Lemonade can be best described as an instant “pick me up”, with a refreshing burst of lemon and orange flavors. It offers a nice balance between the vodka and blue curacao alcohol flavors and is an awesome twist on the quintessential summer lemonade. Sip on your very own Electric Lemonade while enjoying the tunes of live entertainment Monday through Wednesday at 5 PM inside or Wednesday through Sunday evenings on the deck.

By Megan Kummer