Douglass Fudge Celebrates 100 Years of Candy Making

6-14 Spotlight Douglass Fudge 1

This year Douglass Fudge is celebrating 100 years of serving only the best fudge, saltwater taffy, and candies on the Wildwood Boardwalk! Their famous candy making is a Wildwood staple to locals and beachgoers alike and continues to grow in popularity each year. In 2016, they opened their Stone Harbor location where you’ll find the same quality fudge and candies you’ll find in their Wildwood shop.

When founder Charles Douglass started a candy stand in 1919, he had so much fun that he decided to open a bigger candy store, which turned into the Douglass Fudge that we know and love today. The business has been passed down from generation to generation and is still owned and operated by family members and longtime employees. Jason Dugan, who runs the day-to-day operations of the business, is the fourth generation owner who took over with his brother, James, in 2010.

“At Douglass Candies, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality confections while offering exceptional customer service,” Jason said. “I believe we made it to this incredible milestone because of our commitment to those aspects of the business.”

Today, everything is still made on the premises daily by hand, so preservatives are never needed. Only the freshest and finest ingredients are used to create Douglass Fudge’s specialties, including fresh cream fudge, real saltwater taffy, pecan rolls, cream mints, cream caramels, molasses paddles, and homemade chocolates. Over the years they have expanded their candies with custom chocolate bars, new fudge flavors, and salt water taffy flavors, but the quality has always remained the same.  In the name of tradition, the candy makers still use the recipes that date back to the early 1900s.

Jason attributes the success of the business to their loyal customers and the employees who have taught him everything he knows.

“I want to thank our incredible staff for their many years of service.  It is due to their hard work and dedication that we have been able to uphold our high standards of quality and customer satisfaction,” Jason said. “And to our customers, I cannot thank them enough.  We truly have the greatest customers in the world.  They make all this possible, and we look forward to serving them for the next 100 years!”

To kick off the 100th-anniversary celebrations, Douglass Fudge will have a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, June 14 at 4 p.m. They will have in-store specials, food and drinks, tours of the factory and more! 98.7 The Coast will be hosting a live stream, and there will be exclusive 100th-anniversary merchandise available for purchase, including custom tins, t-shirts, bags, and ornaments.

While Jason wouldn’t reveal all the summer surprises they have planned, he did let us in on their upcoming Golden Ticket contest! The lucky winner who finds a golden ticket in their chocolate bar will receive a pound of fudge for the next 100 years and the opportunity to become “candy maker for a day,” which includes a two-hour tour of the store and facility.

This summer, stop by either location and make sure to pick up more than a sample! Whether you’re looking for a new treat or an old favorite, there is no better place to go than Douglass Fudge. Plus, if you’re lucky, you may be the lucky winner of the Golden Ticket. Good luck and enjoy the sweet treats all summer long!

3300 Boardwalk, Wildwood
(609) 522-3875

9600 3rd Ave., Stone Harbor
(609) 830-3077