DoTheShore in Style: July 5

Do The Shore 75

While the perfect tan has long been considered the most coveted summer look, we have the lowdown on this season’s official fashion trends. Whether you’re hitting the beach, boards, restaurants or bars, we’ll make sure you Do The Shore in style!

Get swimsuits for everyone in one place and prepare for a fun day on the beach at Five Mile Marketplace on the Wildwood Boardwalk! Five Mile has everything you could want or need to keep your family stylish and protected from the sun’s rays this summer. Take this shopping opportunity to have a matching family moment with blue swimwear from Wavelife, all in one spot for every member of the family!

If you’re looking for a bikini, mix and match the patterned separates to create ever-changing looks all summer long. Pair a long sleeve rash guard with board shorts with a modern design for more coverage. Pick and choose the layers of your little ones’ outfits, with bathing suits and swim trunks that can be worn with or without their rash guards. Before you leave, make sure you pick up a hat to shade your face from the sun and flip flops to keep your feet from burning on the hot sand. If you’re looking for a laugh, make sure to choose the “Jaw-some” hat, bite mark and all!

Five Mile Marketplace is the go-to store for summer’s hottest merchandise on the Wildwood Boardwalk! Shop for everything under one roof, from clothes and accessories for your family, to gifts and souvenirs for everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to come down the shore! The large variety of merchandise allows everyone to choose something at an affordable price and bring a piece of the Boardwalk home with them.

The store is conveniently located across from Morey’s Pier between Cedar and Schellenger Avenues in Wildwood. Open daily from April to October.

Five Mile Marketplace • 3500 Boardwalk, Wildwood •


1.   Bikinis

2.   Long Sleeve Rashguard + Boardshorts

3.   Long Sleeve Rashguard + Bathing Suit

4.   Long Sleeve Rashguard + Shorts

5.   Wildwood Baseball Hat

6.   Shark Baseball Hat

7.   Wildwood Bucket Hat

8.   Kids Flip Flops

9.   Kids Flip Flops

10. Kids Water Shoes