DoTheShore in Style: July 26


While the perfect tan has long been considered the most coveted summer look, we have the lowdown on this season’s official fashion trends. Whether you’re hitting the beach, boards, restaurants or bars, we’ll make sure you Do The Shore in style!

Calling all lifeguards and wannabe lifeguards: this week’s collection was made for you! Five Mile Marketplace has a collection of lifeguard loungewear that is sure to keep you comfortable on and off duty. On a hot day, slip on the lightweight shorts and the baseball hat to keep you cool and protected from the sun down on the beach. When the sun sets and it’s a little too chilly out on the boardwalk, pull on a red or grey sweatshirt to keep you warm. For a looser and trendier option, try the cropped sweatshirt and pair with jeans or shorts. All sweatshirts have “Lifeguard” across the chest, across the hood, and down the arms, as well as “Wildwood, NJ” on the front. Whatever your plan for the day may be, Five Mile is sure to have the perfect “Lifeguard” attire for you!

Five Mile Marketplace is the go-to store for summer’s hottest merchandise on the Wildwood Boardwalk! Shop for everything under one roof, from clothes and accessories for your family, to gifts and souvenirs for everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to come down the shore! The large variety of merchandise allows everyone to choose something at an affordable price and bring a piece of the Boardwalk home with them.

The store is conveniently located across from Morey’s Pier between Cedar and Schellenger Avenues in Wildwood. Open daily from April to October.


Five Mile Marketplace • 3500 Boardwalk, Wildwood •

  1. Shorts
  2. Baseball Hat
  3. Sweatshirts
  4. Cropped Sweatshirt