Do the Shore’s Big Game Guide

The Anglesea Pub, pictured, is a great place to watch Sunday’s big game. The Pub is pictured covered in snow on Jan. 29, courtesy of Anglesea Pub’s Facebook.

The Eagles can’t be in the finals every year, but there’s still a lot of local hype for this year’s game. So even if your team lost, wear your favorite team’s jersey anyway and have a blast. I don’t personally watch football, so I’ll be flipping a coin this year and hollering for whoever Lady Luck picks. Even if you don’t celebrate, there’s never an excuse to turn down a good time with friends and family.  

Hit Up a Local Pub  

This year’s football finale falls just a day before Valentine’s Day; the double-packed weekend means that lots of businesses that are normally open only seasonally are choosing to open early, or are opening just for that weekend. It is worth checking in with your local favorite to see if they’re open. Year-round spots like Anglesea Pub, Owen’s Pub, Waterfront, and Deauville are all open with lots of seating and TVs to watch the game.  

Pizza to-go  

A lot of local pizza chains are open year-round, including Erma Deli / Pizzaria, and Claudio’s Pizza Kitchen. Cape May County has a wealth of Italian heritage, and that’s reflected in the many local pizza joints that (in my opinion, don’t kill me for this) rival any slice I’ve had in New York City.  

Don’t Underestimate the Cheese Platter 

Every year, I make big plans to make fancy dishes for events like this. That rarely happens, but local meat shops like Westside Meats, Woodbine Meat Market, and the Produce Place have a selection of local meats, cheeses, and in the case of Westside Meats, large party platters that work well for a football party. Shop Rite also has a really great olive selection that gives me pause every time I pass it. I’m no Shop Rite shill, but those are good olives.  

Prepare Your Drinks Ahead of Time 

I’ve been to many a party where mixed drinks were initially part of the equation, but the realities of a busy night meant we drank bottom-shelf vodka and sprite because we just didn’t want to take the time to make something nicer. I’ve solved this issue in two ways. For parties, I either mix the drinks ahead of time and stick them in the fridge, or just buy pre-made mixed drinks from places like Joe Canals or Gorman’s. I’m a big fan of the Bacardi Daiquiri, and the Bud Light “Sour” Seltzers work as more than just a gimmick.