Dish of the Week: Panseared Tilefish

This week’s Dish of the Week is pan-seared tilefish from Hemingway’s in Cape May. This delectable dish came from Hemingway’s Executive Chef Christian Anderson. He, along with his sous chefs, collaborated on new dishes for the menu and this is one of many they are rolling out.
This dish is the perfect combination of Cape May and Key West, which Hemingway is known for loving. This locally caught fish is paired with mango and papaya giving it an island feel. Complete this dish with rice mixed with black beans and scallions. All this sweetness is combated by jalapenos.

Anderson is working on reinventing the menu at Hemingway’s restaurant to reflect the writer’s love for the Keys. Anderson was not always destined for the kitchen though. He spent a year at Stockton College before going to the Culinary Institute of America. “I worked in a kitchen in Ocean City and some really good people there pushed me along,” Anderson said. Anderson also tries to incorporate as much local product as possible. He noted how wonderful it was to have fresh seafood readily available and produce. His new menu will focus on fresh ingredients with a clean flavor.

Visit Hemingway’s in Cape May to try more of Anderson’s original creations.