Delight Your Senses at Momiji

Dining at Momiji offers an authentic experience of Japanese Cuisine. As soon as patrons enter this dynamic atmosphere, their senses are flooded with a rich variety of smells and impressive sights. Most famous for its talented team of Hibachi chefs, Momiji embodies the concept of “dinner and a show”. Momiji opened August 28, 2009, and has since become a Cape May County sensation. Owner Tsong Lin attributes the restaurant’s stellar success to the superior quality and showmanship of his Hibachi Chefs, and to serving the freshest local fish and quality meats available.

Momiji has redefined the art of Sushi and Sashimi and is renowned as a sushi lover’s paradise. Daily, these Sushi Chefs create a variety of spectacularly beautiful dishes and special rolls. These chefs’ four-star presentations create a feast for both the eyes and stomach, the likes of which many patrons have never experienced before. Momiji’s versatile menu of rolls includes several well-known classics, but also features a number of innovative exclusives such as the Rainbow and Dragon Rolls.

This top-notch dining experience is completed by Momiji’s chic, black and silver wooded décor, characteristic of a modern restaurant on the streets of Japan. Due to Momiji’s popularity, reservations are strongly recommended. Take a seat and allow your senses to soar.

1302 New Jersey 47, Wildwood, NJ 08260
(609) 886-8888