Christmas Lights Dazzle Both Indoor & Outdoor Decor

Outdoor Christmas lights display? Check. Tree strung carefully with lights? Check. When you find yourself with extra lights after completing these essential holiday tasks, it’s easy to set them aside and think, “Maybe next year…” Why not give those excess lights a chance to shine as beautiful accents to your indoor décor? Here, we outline our favorite ways to do so.

1. The New-Age Christmas Wreath
Essentials: A string of oversize multicolor or white Christmas lights and a large wire wreath frame
Weave the oversize bulbs through the wreath frame’s wiring in a spiral pattern. This makes for a dazzling mantle display or a fun twist on the staple front door Christmas wreath.

2. Reinvented Hurricane Lamps
Essentials: Two to three glass pillar hurricane lamps and an equal number of strings of small white lights
Place the empty hurricane lamps on the floor of your living or dining room, in close proximity to an outlet. Bunch an individual strand of white lights in the bottom of each. From there, merely plug in each strand of lights and enjoy the room’s new, cheery source of illumination.

3. Heavenly Stairwell
Essentials: One to two strings of warm white LED “Fairy” lights and an appropriately sized piece of white feather trim (available at craft stores)
Be sure to measure the length of your staircase’s banister before shopping for necessary supplies. Once you make the appropriate measurements, purchase a string of fairy lights and a strand of white feather trim that will cover the banister’s length. Next, secure the feather trim on the outside of the banister (or wherever it will be most visible). Last, spiral the string of fairy lights around the trim and plug it into a nearby outlet. The lights will illuminate the feathers, making for a “heavenly” appearance.

4. Centerpiece Central
Essentials: Any glass bowl, a few spare ornaments, and a string of lights
For a unique way to use Christmas lights inside your house this holiday try making a centerpiece for your table that uses Christmas lights. Simply fill a glass bowl with lights and ornaments. Mix and layer these lights for a nice effect, and plug in for a unique Christmas decoration.

5. Rope Light Strand
Essentials: Manila braided rope and one string of white lights
The perfect expression of Cape May County’s coastal location, this lighted strand of nautical rope makes for a surprise lighting alternative for a rustic, modern room. Starting from an endpoint, gently separate the braid, inserting the strand with the bulbs facing outward. Once complete, wrap the rope in a circle, and place on the floor or hang on the wall. Plug in the cord.

6. Holiday Card Display
Essentials: A string of lights of your choice and tacks, nails, or wall clips to secure it
Use your loved ones’ holiday greetings as wall décor! String up some lights of any color on a bare bit of wall, and display your holiday cards as they accumulate by clipping them between each of the bulbs.

By Megan Kummer