Chips & Divots: Tips for Training Kids

Thinking about taking your kids out on the green so they can take up the sport? Here are some suggestions to help them learn to play the game of golf while having a great time:

1. Let them explore.
Of course you want your kids to learn the game of golf quickly and do things the correct way. But for a young child, that’s not how it works. Kids just want to have fun. So, to introduce them to the game, let them explore on their own. Let them lead the way around the course, and be sure to answer all of the questions that come to their curious little minds.

2. Practice at the right time.
The best time to take kids out on the course is late evening when it’s not too crowded. That way they can take their time at each hole, exploring and learning without holding up the group behind you.

3. Make sure they’re having fun.
Remember – they’re kids. They only way to keep their interest is to make things fun. Experiment with hits. Hit the ball straight into the water. Make your kids laugh. If they’re having a good time, they’re likely to want to join you on the green again, and eventually will become more serious about the sport.

4. Give them the correct equipment.
Make sure the clubs you get for your kids aren’t too long, stiff or heavy. Many brands offer pre-packaged golf clubs specifically for kids, designed for children of certain ages and heights.

5. Get on their level.
When explaining things to your kids while out on the green, kneel down so you’re eye level with them. Make sure you simplify terminology. Children need to comprehend an idea before being able to execute it, and you communicating on their level can avoid a lot of frustration.

6. Start lessons at the right time.
Introducing your toddler to the sport with plastic clubs and balls is fine, but don’t start giving your kids serious lessons until they ask. If you add instruction to the game to early, a fun experience might not be so fun anymore, causing your kids to lose interest in the game.

7. Be positive.
Don’t be too hard on yours kids. This is a learning experience for them, so of course they are going to mess up – let them! Praise them when they do something right, and never scold them for doing something wrong. At the end of the day, reward them with some ice cream and talk about everything they did well that day.

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